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Hand painted shell embellished with vintage toned copper twisted wire and Peridot Jasper accent stones. 17.5 inches, $26.00

Hand painted green shell in Silver plated twisted wire. The chain is beaded in tones of green. 17.5 inches. $53.00

Shell embellished with hand twisted silver plated wire and cultured pearls on a shell and glass pearl chain. 17.5 inches. $30.00

Hand painted green shell focal embellished with silver leaf. Chain is made of green and yellow hand stitched beads. 17.5 inches. $55,00

Shell pendant in a weaved wire cage accented with blue glass pearls. Chain is hand forged hoops linked with blue pearls. 19.5 inches. $35.00

This beautiful shell may not be from Florida, but it looks like many in my collection from Florida Beaches