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This I agree with. "The idea that people had sex before the century really freaks me out. Like George Washington probably got a blow job and that makes me uncomfortable"

My mum and I did the exact same thing with Peter Pan. I used to even draw for 'him"!

If only my kids were as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am. I know my husband won't respond if I start writing to the characters! <<<< I will do this for any fictional person my kids write to. My husband will help.

hahaha not really true but hilarious nonetheless

Funny pictures about People at the gym. Oh, and cool pics about People at the gym. Also, People at the gym.

This is so true!<<< when I can't find my phone I'll get my wand that I got from universal studios and be like accio! And I'll find it 5 minutes later.

Just happened. I always seem to lose my phone.I'd loose my wand.

Officer: How many times did she fall?  Me: Oh, I lost count. (Many apologies for comic sans, please don't hate me)

"And exactly how many times did she jump out the window?" "It's sort of a bit of a blur, Detective Inspector. I lost count.

Justin Timberlake though <3

Funny Music Ecard: Justin Timberlake is making a comeback and Justin Beiber is finally at his breaking point. There can only be one Justin. True that

So true!  We tell all of our clients it is NOT important to spray on a tan for a boudoir shoot with our studio.

I know too many dorito girls. Or maybe just too many girls who look like they had their hands in the doritos bag (spray tan)

Only if I'm feeling mean

Restaurant Prank i dont know if i would actually do this cause its cruel but its hilarious

Andromeda to Ted every day.  "Ted, dear, I've decided to cook a Julia child recipe every day this month, just to improve my skills."  "Yes, that's lovely, Sweetie.  Can you start with one of the desserts?"

I like the idea of slytherins in the great hall being like "I bet I can fit four slices of treacle tart in my mouth at once" and having stupid food challenges because they're ambitious like that

not just my best friend.... pretty much a good chunk of my friends.... we are FUNNY AS HELL!

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