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Pathfinder pocket hunter. Modified slingshot that shoots arrows. Can be used for bowfishing. Canterbury's dad poured some love into this one.

Slingshots aren't just for kids — they can also be deadly weapons, perfectly suited to situations where you might have run out of ammo for your other options. $99.95

emergency preparedness checklist

The Dixon Rollerpack is ideal when carrying heavier loads for hunting, fishing, photography, mountain climbing gear etc.. i can see this being really handy if you have a really heavy bug out bag. This could possibly carry all of your family’s needs if you were to bug out.

If you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, you need to be able to defend yourself. Sure, you could use a baseball bat or an axe, but it just seems so much more interesting to consider the BodyGuard instead. This is a StunGun glove that wraps to the upper half of your arm and it’s able to deliver 300,000 volts of power. Since it envelopes your arm, this is a weapon that you can’t drop either.


ISAF Forces: Vegetato and MultiCam Comparison

HG 730 Modular Pack

These are great for part-time Ninjas and Superheroes who don’t have a utility belt. The Pocket Grappling Hook is $27, the Micro Pocket Grappling Hook version is $22 and both are awesome. The Pocket Grappling Hook is a pocket size Hook(1″ x 5.5″) , with spikes that unscrew and are stored in the water resistant “o”-ring sealed body. To use the Micro Grappling Hook just retrieve it from your pocket, unscrew the base to reveal the three tiny spikes, then thread them into their holes. Then…