Pathfinder pocket hunter. Modified slingshot that shoots arrows. Can be used for bowfishing. Canterbury's dad poured some love into this one.

Using the Slingshot to Hunt Bigger Game Go to 6:36 on video to see the action

Survival Slingshot

SAS Tactical Survival Bow - Excluding Take-Down Arrows

Slingbow (slingshot modified to shoot arrows like a bow)

How To Make A Slingshot Bow To Shoot Arrows

Building a bow trap

sling shot with arrows

Get the hunting fanatic in your family a gift they will really love. The camo thing gift basket for hunters has everything a hunter needs to stay awake and unde

Vagabond Mobile Safe House

How to stitch a wound. Don't ask me questions you don't really want answers to.....

Free DIY Bow plans, Arrow making instructions, Crossbow Plans, Archery Info and All about Archery

Take-Down Archery: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Building PVC Take-Down Bows, Take-Down Arrows, Strings and More « – The Library of Library User Group

Pocket Chainsaw... a good thing to have in my bag at all times.

DIY elastic holder for pocket gear.

A Revolutionary New Bowhunting Product Simply secure your .38 or .357 Magnum round into the Bow-Mag Arrowhead cylinder, turn until the casing threads lock in place, then attach to your standard arrow shaft or crossbow bolt. The Bow-Mag is designed with safety in mind, ensuring that rounds will not fire until they hit your intended target, delivering firepower, Magnum impact and maximum stopping force where you want it. Hahaha Green arrow weapons lol

Crovel. A combination Axe, crowbar, shovel, hammer, pickaxe, saw, cleaver, etc.