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The Importance of Exercise: Palate Development | The Specialty Coffee Chronicle

thedjournalguidetocoffee: “ So, where we left off: the green coffee beans are spinning happily in a heated steel drum. At about 165°C, or about four minutes after starting, the beans have lost most of their water content and are turning from green to...

Americano vs. Brewed Coffee

The Americano and brewed coffee are two classic drinks, prepared two very different ways. The Americano combines espresso and hot water, with a layer of crema on top. There's only one way to prepare true espresso — with a specialized machine. But there are many ways to make brewed coffee, from the pour-over method to the coffee press.

Peaberry, normal beans, triangles: view from inside developing coffee cherries on Finca Idealista #SpecialtyCoffee #kava

Did you know that #coffee growing temperature is far more important to coffee quality than elevation? Consider this: when coffee grows slowly it leads to slower photosynthesis that allows plants to metabolize nutrients more gradually and hence produce more nuance in the cup. The length of time it takes for coffees to mature depends on the growing temperature which is influenced by #latitude AND #altitude. The cooler the temperature the longer the maturing season the stronger correlation…