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  • Leslie Bruckman

    Daily cleaning system... like ideas of it... may implement parts of it.

  • Dana Irwin

    love how she has each day's cleaning list on index size cards!

  • Christina Ramey

    Cleaning cards system - one for each day, and more! I think I need this..

  • R B D

    organized house-cleaning system Morning Routine 1. empty dishwasher 2. check calendar + to do list 3. scriptures + journal MONDAY 01. laundry (including all bed sheets) 02. vacuum 03. mop kitchen 04. wipe down doors 05. deep-clean bathrooms TUESDAY 01. send out birthday cards + thank yous 02. clean car WEDNESDAY 01. clean out fridge 02. clean kitchen (floor, rugs, surfaces, cupboards, pantry, etc) THURSDAY 01. grocery shopping 02. clean bedrooms (vacuum, dust, baseboards) FRIDAY 01. re-organize kid's rooms (this really has to be done weekly in my home...) 02. clean living + family rooms. (dust, vacuum, baseboards) SATURDAY: focus on family day SUNDAY: 01. update family blog 02. work on church assignment 03. read church book/conference talk Evening Routine 01. pick up house 02. run dishwasher 03. start tomorrow's to do list As for the bigger, home maintenance items, I follow good ol' Martha's schedule from an essential book in my homemaking library: Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. And there you have it. Nothing earth-shattering or new. I am almost embarrassed to share. (For some reason, my housekeeping routine seems so personal. Almost like sharing an entry from my diary. Maybe I am self-conscious about my housekeeping skills. Who knows.) I hope it helps! ***If any of you are interested in the spiral bound/cutely designed chore book I am making, please let me know and I'll make it customizable and more universal.

  • Lora Rowan

    Daily organization tools

  • Amber Marshall Heidman

    weekly cleaning schedule

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Cleaning List. If its this easy, why am I not doing this?!! As far as the monthly list, I clean out my fridge every Monday cause the trash is picked up on Tuesday.

I need to follow this...somehow I always get stuck at declutterring or fixing something...:) House Cleaning lists

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I really like routines. Really. You can only build up something from a strong base. Safety swag. I actually clean the whole house every day, but I actually enjoy cleaning the whole house every day. Kind of like do the "Daily" part, and randomly do the rest of in the other rooms through the week. I'll definetly try this organizing of housework, it is totally worth a try!