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USB Typewriter Computer Keyboard -- Underwood Portable with Gold Leaf Finish

This is pretty legit, ngl. So funny.DIY USB Typewriter Conversion Kit by usbtypewriter on Etsy

Mobile iPhone Charger ($50)

Favorites From The Gift Guide: Cool Gifts For Guys

Carry an extra charge in your pocket with this small mobile phone charger. Always a charge at the ready.

Typewriter Keyboard.

New Yorker Art Deco Keyboard takes cue from the iconic Chrysler Building - Luxurylaunches

Cargador USB condensador de flujo de Volver al Futuro

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger That Looks Like Doc Brown’s Time Travel Device From the ‘Back to the Future’ Films

 Glass Keyboard

Jason Giddings (deleted) is raising funds for Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse on Kickstarter! Multi-touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in quality computer peripherals.

Funzug.com | New Inventions By Creative Minds | Usb, Toothpaste, Innovative, Way, Greenbo

Funny pictures about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Oh, and cool pics about This USB Connector Is Very Practical. Also, This USB Connector Is Very Practical photos.

scrabble keyboard - I think I need to stop everything and make this immediately .... #ecrafty @ecrafty Scrabble tiles www.ecrafty.com

Scrabble Keyboard (& Others

This is BEYOND awesome! Scrabble tiles turned into a keyboard.Love me some scrabble!

omg is this for real? tiny desk vacuum lol

Eraser shavings, food crumbs, and whatever else there could be - USB Desk Vacuum cleaner - cool office gadgets

iPad CF and SD Card Readers - Upload DSLR photos onto your iPad at lightning speeds $15.00

iPad CF Card Readers

20 Objetos vintage modernizados que te robarán el corazón ⋮ Es la moda

cool retro inspired tech accessories - I love these! Everyone needs faux typewriters for their digital devices! And I thought my typewriter app was cool.