• Roseanna Jakubowski

    Thinking of LIttle Girl

  • Leslie

    "To some blind souls, all cats are very much alike. To a cat lover, every cat from the beginning of time has been utterly and amazingly unique." --Jenny DeVries

  • Sasha

    Beautiful cat with green eyes

  • Doggy Daycare

    We don't just care for dogs, we care for all pets!

  • Joshua Johnston

    Heh... Moonlash... Mah character :D oh yeah. This is for a warrior cat story thingy soooooooooo......... yeah.

  • OneTravel

    Hero Tabby Cat Saves Little Boy From Vicious Attack

  • Robert Nival

    The Russian Tabby, a variant of the Russian Blue, is most prized for his soft, luxurious coat and brilliant emerald eyes. Its coat is lustrous, plush and dense. The head is broad and wedge shaped, the profile relatively flat. The Russian tabby's smiling appearance is caused by prominent whisker pads. His body is firmly muscled, but maintains much grace, as he is finely boned. His graceful carriage and clean lines add to the already regal appearance of this stunning breed.

  • Mare Woosh

    Cat - cats Photo

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