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    • Rae Kurtz

      $5 Savings Plan. Any time you get a 5 dollar bill, save it for something! (What a great idea!) Hope I get alot of $5 dollar bills

    • Evi Waybright

      The 5 dollar savings plan! Every time you come in possession of a 5 dollar bill, you put put it in a special jar. Oh my that would be hard to do being a waitress n all ... But really good idea!!!

    • Courtney Richard

      Here's how the 5 Dollar Savings Plan works: Whenever a 5 Dollar bill comes into your possession, you save it in a special jar or envelope. Over time, they will add up. The more you incorporate using cash into your spending habits, the more you will save (if you're a credit card user, you won't save as much).

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    I heard one lady did this...never spent a $5.00 bill but saved it instead. It two years she had nearly $12,000! Need to start this today!

    Great ideas about how to save. I didn't know about 5 & 7 Shop at Kroger using you Kroger card to save money and get cents off at the pump!

    My hubby and i started doing this with one dollar bills when we got married-- after about a year, i [just me] had several hundred dollars and got to enjoy a great birthday vacation and still have lots left over :) Great Idea To Save Money

    fun funds. All my spare change and the few dollars of cash I have in my wallet will go straight here! Great idea for spur of the moment road trips!!!

    $5 Savings Plan: Whenever a $5 bill comes into your possession save it and put it away. Once or twice a year cash it in to a savings account.

    The $5 Savings Plan - One woman saved $12,000 in 2 years by saving all the $5 bills she came across.

    Savings plan. Need to do this!!

    These six ways to save more money will help you save more than you usually save. Start using them today to max out your savings plan!

    Trying to save for vacation? Try this simple weekly savings challenge! Could use this savings plan to pay off bills or save for Christmas expenses too!!

    A super plan to save $5,000 in a year for your down payment on your new home!

    The easiest way to hang a picture! Why didn't I think of this? Pin now, read later! #tips