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  • Papa Blogueur

    Pokemon Bedroom Decor Ideas Pokemon Bedroom Decor

  • Beth Smith

    Pokemon Wall-Art Bedroom Inspiring Ideas-2. My nephew would LOVE this!

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"New pokemon" Actually kind of awesome.

Pokemon types

Pokemon- This concludes that Ash and Team Rocket are idiots XD

  • Amanda-Beth Crowther

    To be fair most of Ash and friends are pretty dumb. Brock once said water is weak to fire.Misty called caterpie a worm I am pretty sure it's a caterpillar and didn't know the sun was a star. I think May's crashing into tree at duskull says enough. Do I even need to explain Dawn. I can't say about bw crew. Truthfully onmy ones of those I have seen that aren't compete idiots are Tracey,Max(this is sad), Clemont and Serena. I dk if Bonnie is smart or not.

  • Amanda-Beth Crowther

    The sad part is Max is probaly the smartest.

  • Patrick Cox

    that doesn't make sense, Idiots should be easier to Hypnotise

  • Creepy Wolf

    .....This is so confusing...but im sure serena is not in the smarty group -3-

  • Victoria

    i loved this episode.

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El Meowth que quería ser un Persian

I remember high school being lonely without other Pokemon nerds. Of course, Third Generation sucked.

poor zubat,in fact,zubats wanna trainer who loves him cuz they live in caves and can be killed by a stronger pokemon

Ocean Serenity - Cheezburger

Who Needs HMs? (I used to teach my Cyndaquil cut back in the day >_> I am a terrible person...)

I would want this in my room, but I would also want Pokemon to run around more than anything.

Best pumpkin carvings, ever.

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