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Hobo Nickel by JD Sharum

Hobo Nickel by JD Sharum.

Hobo Nickel by JD Sharum.

Hobo Nickel art " American hobos are so drole" on 1928 Nickel by JD Sharum

"Mouse Rider" hobo nickel by JD Sharum.

"Fetch Duckasaurous" hobo nickel by JD Sharum.

Hobo Nickel art- who'd you eat to get this hat? -on 1936 Nickel by jd.s

Hobo Nickel - bird rider too- on a 1936 buffalo Nickel by jd.s

Nickel Fish, Nickel Animal, Hobo Nickel, Hobo Soul, Hobo Money, Animal Reverse, Buffalo Nickel

Hobo Nickel art - sit buggy, drinks are on me - on 1935 buffalo Nickel by jd.s

Hobo Nickel, Greenman

Hobo nickel. "Running Man".Hand made by AC.

Hobo Nickel - VW Beetle - Modern Art

Hobo Nickel "Skulling Around" Skull Coin By: Goonie

Hobo Nickel by Tony Lewis

Hobo Nickel By Adam Leech

Hobo Nickel: "A Nickel and an Ale" by Adam Leech. Name is a play on his hobo nickel documentary film, "A Nickel and a Nail". The coin is featured in the film.