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The Space Shuttle - Top to Bottom

Typhoon H 4k Collision Avoidance Hexacopter w/Battery, Charger, ST16 Controller

NASA's space shuttles are amazing flying machines. They launch like rocket, land like airplanes and then hit the hangar for a pit stop before turning around and doing it again. Now, nearly 30 years after the first space shuttle - Columbia - bla

small freighter (Poser)

small freighter (Poser)

House of Suns

Robot Separatists: The Best Stories About A.s Leaving Humanity Behind

Recap of all vehicles appearing in the Tron movies

Tron Light Cycles and Other Vehicles [Infographic] - Evolution of the light cycle

vbcLsh77h-c.jpg (1280×720)

"Roach" is a battlecruiser-class spaceship. Exercise in designing spaceship…

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This is What NASA's Warp-Capable Enterprise Starship Would Look Like!

NASA's design a real Warp Drive Ship The Warp Drive spacecraft that could make interstellar travel a reality, theoretically allow distant travel by bending space-time. A NASA scientist said IXS Enterprise could reach Alfa Centauri in two weeks!