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Explore Gameboy Raspberry, Pigrrl Raspberry, and more! - This tiny 3D printed 'Gameboy' Raspberry Pi Zero will take you back to the 90s | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

This custom Game Boy can play every game from the NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, and more

By replacing the guts of a Game Boy with a Raspberry Pi Zero processor and some fantastic customization YouTube user Wermy was able to make the Game Boy of our childhood dreams. LCD screen? Check. Every SNES, NES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, etc game known to man? Oh yeah. A rechargeable battery? Get out of here dreams, I thought we were talking about reality!

RaspiBoy, Raspberry Pi Gameboy, SuperPiBoy: A RaspberryPi inside a Gameboy

Instructable dor RaspiBoy, Raspberry Pi Gameboy, SuperPiBoy: A RaspberryPi inside a Gameboy

RaspberryPi Gameboy with 3D printed Case, original style parts, color screen, and even shoulder buttons on the back for SNES and Playstation emulation.

Something we loved from Instagram! Done! Behold the GameBoy Zero! A Raspberry Pi Zero-powered instance of Linux running RetroPie for game emulation. I've got Atari 2600 NES Genesis SuperNES and GameBoy with more to come. Runs on a lipo battery for 3-4 hours of play. This is really the only way to get emulated games with physical buttons portableany emulators on smartphones will be touchscreen which just doesn't feel right on old games. Checkout if you want to build your own…

PiSP Pocket: Raspberry Pi 3 crammed inside a Gameboy Pocket, capable of emulating PSP, Dreamcast and under.