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My autistic brother glued googley eyes to every mirror in the house because he "wants the mirror to make me laugh and not cry"

"When I was in high school we had 30 min for lunch. I would take mine and run a mile down the road and give it to a homeless man. I did this every other day until I graduated. He came to my graduation." Download the Whisper app for more.

23. Only child. Parents died last week in a car wreck coming to pick me up at the boarding school. They didn't want me around. After insurance/houses/stocks ill have 3.5 million. I won't miss them.

aawww this is why kids can be awesome. Big people stop thinking like this I've noticed: Amazing Stories, Little Girls, Heart Warming, Faith In Humanity Restored, My Heart, Faith Restored, Kid

I'm a 19 year old guy and I bailed on my friends to take my little sister to a movie. I told her I'd never let any guy hurt her. That includes me.