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  • Stephanie Vermeule

    12 Most Shocking Confessions from the Whisper App (whisper app, whisper confessions) - ODDEE

  • Yasmeen Shabazz

    A guy came to my hotel weekly to cheat on his wife. So I mailed a card to his home addressed to her, thanking the two of them for being such loyal customers.

  • Mindy Hilton

    Post secret is an app now. Awesome.

  • Jigar Pandya

    Hotel customer Confession

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Isn't a picture of your hairdo actually supposed to show your hair?

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Whisper app

Stole this from someones meet me. People are fucking creeps.

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I fucking hate people like this. They try to make an important statement and spell everything wrong. Its fucking pathetic.

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This kid is 12 talking like this. What is wrong with kids these days?

This child. Wtf


Instagram, wtf

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Whisper app