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50 Ways to Cope with Stress #stressfree

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It takes a long time to get over betrayal. Be kind to yourself. It's not easy but it can be done, and youre going to have set backs.. Just remember that the real TRUTH is not what he tells anyone. The truth for him is a whole bunch of lies he spews to serve his own Narc agenda… Don't feel replaced, remember, he will do this to everyone.. No one is special to him.. But you are special to GOD and to me.. :)

Dont stress to much, dont try to change too many things in your life, where you want to be, you will be one day when the time is right. #life #quote #enjoy

COPY THIS: According to Bill Cosby, in order to achieve a goal you have to "________." ADD your thoughts, and WRITE for 12 minutes. **Standards: W2, W9, L2 (developing topics using quotations, establishing a formal style, drawing evidence from text to support analysis, punctuating direct quotes) Lesson source: (Poster link unavailable)

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Find Your Motivation: Six Tips for Productivity


Anxiety Attacks - I have had one of these and it was really really bad. I get really anxious a lot and might tremble or sweat but I don't have these attacks regularly (fortunately..) #social #anxiety

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you go Capone! Though this does suggest a vengeful nature and I can't be that self destructive and poisonous .. I might think it ... ;) hahaha True strength is dignity and backbone when dealing with overwhelming unfairness

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