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from Park Seed

Cajun Belle Hybrid Pepper Seeds

Cajun Belle Pepper Seeds #gardening #urbanfarmer Find the Affiliate Program here:

from Park Seed

Sweet Pickle Pepper Seeds

Sweet Pickle Pepper 20 Seeds -The Christmas Tree Pepper Hirts: Seed; Pepper,

Pepper Mucho Nacho Hybrid. This jumbo, 4-inch Jalapeno pepper is ideal for stuffing, pickling, or serving fresh. Much heavier and fatter than others, it packs extra thick-walled, juicy goodness into every fruit, and is mild enough for children and other tender tongues!

from Park Seed

Sweet Rainbow Mix Pepper Seeds

Each color has its own distinctive flavor! Here's what you get -- white, yellow, orange, red, lilac, purple, and chocolate! 65 to 70 days. Now you can enjoy sweet bell peppers in all the glorious colors and flavors available today We have hand-blended, exclusively for Park customers, a mix of the finest variety of each color. Consisting of 5 hybrids and 2 open-pollinated types, this mix assures you of big, thick-walled, blocky bells in every color.

from Etsy

Pasilla Bajio, smoky chile pepper, 25 seeds, heirloom chili, glossy black fruit, sweet hot, rich smoky flavor for sauces, chocolate mole

Pasilla Bajio Pepper 25 heirloom seeds, glossy black fruit, rich smoky flavor for sauces, sweet hot