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Ok how stinking cute are these?! reusing glass jars (small relish jars, pepper jars, baby food jars) oh the possibilities and holidays are endless!

of July cupcakes in a jar. (Use pint jars and cook the cupcakes as you normally would. Cut cupcakes in half, and each half top with icing. So there are 1 and a half cupcakes in each jar)

Red jello, cool whip, and blueberries!

Red, White, and Blue Parfaits A down-home dessert goes upscale with these layered parfaits of rich panna cotta and red currant gelatin. Top each parfait with fresh blueberries and currants for a spectacular red, white, and blue Fourth of July treat.

4th of July drink - used 2.5 big bottles of crab apple, 6 regular and 6 G2 gatorades. Pour cranberry just under ice.  White gatorade onto ice slowly- then aim for the ice w the blue.#contest

Celebrating America The Right Way

Try these layered drinks for Independence Day. The heaviest sugar content goes to the bottom.

fourth of july CAKE POPS *OR Fill with grapes and freeze!!!

of July Cake Pops. please do not yell at me because the "recipe" is not there. this is just your decorating idea for the cake pops!

Firecracker Sugar Cookies that pop in your mouth! Perfect for memorial day and 4th of July.

Firecracker Sugar Cookies

Fourth of July firecracker cookies would be fun for the kids to make, then eat - poprocks pop rocks sugar cookie recipe for fireworks celebration on July - Independence Day - of July dessert ideas and dessert recipes for party parties

Patriotic Party Ideas.

Frugal and Fun of July Idea. Flag Party Platter with White Chocolate (or yogurt!) Pretzels With Strawberries and Blueberries. Easy Memorial Day and of July party idea.

Fourth of July recipes: Rice Krispy Treat and Fruit Kabob

of July -- Rice Krispy Treat Sparklers with Star out of Rice Krispies, blueberries and strawberries.

How To Fruit Flag Pizza

Flag Fruit Pizza

Fruit Flag Pizza--for of July! But use sugar cookie dough and the cool whip/cream cheese mixture for true fruit pizza!

Layered party drinks- highest sugar content is poured first (it will sit at the bottom)

The highest sugar content goes in first as the bottom layer. Fill up your glasses completely with ice Pour slowly. Have fun with this one! This is: Sobe Pina Colada for the white, Gatorade Fruit Punch for the red, and Blueberry Pomegranate for the blue.