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I’m Rabbi Otis. I love to be your friend…will you be my friend? I was dumped at age 15 on the Long Island expressway in New York. They did not want me any more because I was old and have special needs. I was almost hit on the highway, no one wanted me and they were going to put me to sleep till they told my mom Leeday about me. Now I’m her asst rabbi for all her bark mitzvahs and now I’m 20. Who ever see’s this lots of sloppy licks to you all, Rabbi Otis


Blind dog with his own guide dog…

Blind dog with his own guide dog…this is too much...just luv it!

elephant gets a prosthetic leg. So amazing.

I think it is very important to not take pity on a dog who may have special needs or lose the loss of their hind legs due to paralysis or injury. Dogs are the best example of adversity I've ever seen and Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog was one shining example.

Hi! My name is Teddy and I'm a puppy mill survivor who was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue.

from Refinery29

11 Adorable Photos Of Disabled Animals That Will Make You Feel Things

disabled animals love too

What is a 'Special Needs' pet.....??? Somebody who needs somebody who cares.......!!!

This is little Malie. She's really cute and has been rescued from my friends' (Miss Trixie who passed away) Mom. Visit her and her sister Willow on fb