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Jenny Jackson's Active Reflections: Teaching spelling as a tool for writing with Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham Jones walks the genre tightrope with new work in every genre over at! Forward by Brian Evenson explains well. file view Stephen+Graham+Explicitly+Tchg+Writing+Course+Booklet.pdf

"I just discovered that footnote function in my Microsoft Word, I guess. And I was writing Demon Theory and having a ball with the screenplay terminology and all that. But then maybe, I guess fifteen pages into it, if that, I started dropping footnotes. They were meant to be deleted later." -- Stephen Graham Jones, author of DEMON THEORY, The Bat Segundo Show, #94

JOHN HOLLENBECK talked to Stephen Graham of marlbank about writing music that could be learned by rote or memorised, his biggest influence as a drummer, and how he relates to "post-jazz"