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Hasbro Pictureka Board Game Was: £12.99 | Now: £6.99 – YOU SAVE: £6.00 (46%)

Hasbro Pictureka Board Game - Buy this now at a knockdown price.

Toca Pet Doctor ($2.99) Beautiful artwork and fun sounds designed for ages 2-6 guides your kids through different activities, empowering them to take care of and feel for the animals. Fine motor skills, deduction skills, shape matching skills and so much more.

Alphabet Board is a simple, calming handwriting program with your choice of instrumental music and practice in both manuscript and cursive alphabets. One of the few programs with D'Nealian letters.

FREEBIE Phonics Board Game - This Short a CVC Board Game from Games 4 Learning can be a game for 2 players or can be used for teacher directed activities.

Just 2 Fun ($1.99) a fabulous, extensive set of puzzle (over 300!) centered around the vocabulary and interests of young people. The picture is the clue. And every puzzle's answer is just 2 words -- a common pairing ("BUZZ OFF"), a famous character's name ("SNOW WHITE"), or a fun word combination that is forehead-slapping obvious after you figure out David's clues!