• Lisa Velasco

    Twin tattoo I got the time he was born and he got the time I was born-- Thats a cute idea @Tina Ferguson-Junes 1:44 and 1:45

  • Lucia

    Twin tattoo I got the time he was born and he got the time I was born Such a cool idea!

  • Alyson Kennedy

    Love the time stamp idea for me and Andy

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never even thought to put a tattoo here, but now I'm thinking it would be the perfect spot for what i want

Ok folks... This is the tattoo placement I'm hopefully going to get soon (but with a quote about dogs). All in memory of my stinky sweet Bailey. Can't wait to finally honor the best damn dog a girl could have ever had as a best friend

My sister and I got "twin" tattoos for our birthday. The anchor stands for faith, love and hope and comes from 1Corinthians 13:13.

When I saw this it made me think of the afternoon I was born. I have given a lot of thought to that day throughout my life. I believe we are these beings searching for purpose. It seems bleak but my reasoning for wanting to get this tattoo is so that it is documented on my body what time I was born so that in my autopsy if I have one, the cornerer can see my time of birth and time of death. It seems orderly and that describes my life and my personality.. Orderly

I wish we were all born with tattoos identical to our soulmates so we could find each other rather than waste our time on people who don't care about us.

Mail Stamp Tattoo with Place of Birth and Birthdate or Place/Date of something else significant to you!

I Would Love A Clock Like This With The Quote " The Problem Is, We Think We Have Time."

Next Tattoo. I NEED HELP. Placement ideas: Upper back between shoulder blades. Left Thigh (Front OR side?). Inner bicep. I need your opinions on what would be more suiting. #Tattoo #Help #Ink

I had a similar idea for my left elbow ditch, but mine would say, time's still ticking

My Irish tattoo "Céim amháin ag an am..." which means "One step at a time..."

Female Side Pieces (Tattoos)One of this which I dream a lot of time