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    Twin tattoo I got the time he was born and he got the time I was born

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    • Lisa Velasco

      Twin tattoo I got the time he was born and he got the time I was born-- Thats a cute idea @Tina Ferguson-Junes 1:44 and 1:45

    • Felicia Painter

      me and frankie shoud totally do this-- get the times we were born, so we will always be together even when we are apart

    • Susannah Patterson

      this would be so fucking cute for me and Jacob to have our birth times underneath our date of birth in roman numerals. UGH

    • Ashli Sadler

      Twin tattoo, the time he was born and he got the time she was born... LOVE, lookim for matching tats with my twin bro <3

    • Lucia

      Twin tattoo I got the time he was born and he got the time I was born Such a cool idea!

    • Jessie Amos

      Twin tattoo I want this for me and my twin brother. Just different placement!

    • Natalie Watson

      Twin tattoos of the time each twin was born!

    • Jeannie McFarlane

      Love the time stamp idea for me and Jamey

    • Baylee Gill

      Twin tattoo the time born @Kaylee Gill

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    Love the placement!


    love the placement


    My sister and I got "twin" tattoos for our birthday. The ancho stands for faith, love and hope and comes from 1Corinthians 13:13. We were born two minutes apart and the time at the bottom of hers is the time i was born and the time at the bottom of mine is when she was born.

    “For my twinbrother, the time that he was born, on my left arm”


    I wish we were all born with tattoos identical to our soulmates so we could find each other rather than waste our time on people who don't care about us.

    I Would Love A Clock Like This With The Quote " The Problem Is, We Think We Have Time."

    Put the year and place you were born

    Loooooove this. Photography nerd. Tattly Temporary Tattoo. would love as a permanent....

    tattone instead of pantone. never wanted tattoos before but i wouldn't mind trying something like this that's temporary, design-y and geeky :D

    Cursor temporary tattoos

    A pisces tattoo. I can't help but think about getting this for my twin sisters who were born as pisces. And there's always two fishies, and there will always be two twins.

    this half sleeve doesn't look like it was all done at the same time, but it doesn't look disconnected either. I'm trying to figure out how to get mine to look cohesive before I get started on it.

    “Time waits for no-one” means to me, don't sit around and wait for things to come to you, go and get them (ie. Follow your dreams and fight for them) The time on the clock is 11:11 (make a wish) which ties in with the meaning. Done by Richard at Gravity Tattoos, Tauranga NZ.

    Next Tattoo. I NEED HELP. Placement ideas: Upper back between shoulder blades. Left Thigh (Front OR side?). Inner bicep. I need your opinions on what would be more suiting. #Tattoo #Help #Ink

    This is the placement im getting! Irish tattoo "Céim amháin ag an am..." which means "One step at a time..."

    Take your time, don't live too fast... Troubles will come and they will pass.

    Female Side Pieces (Tattoos)One of this which I dream a lot of time