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Gizmo is a big goofy Boston! is an adoptable Boston Terrier Dog in Redondo Beach, CA. Gizmo is a gorgeous 4 year old purebred Boston Terrier boy looking for a new forever home. Gizmo was owned by a fa...

baby Westie!!!! ♥ ♥ = They really ARE just THIS adorable! ::enormous dimples:: They just make me smile! ♥ ♥


[PHOTOS] 7 chiens qui ne font vraiment pas les fiers chez le véto

Chihuahua Helps A Disabled Boy To Walk Again – Impossible? Just think about this: Your son cannot walk because of meningitis when he was still younger. Because of this, he is semi-paralyzed. Do you think there’s still hope for your son to walk again? If you have heard about a dog that has broken his legs, do you think they can be good partners? Will they be able to help each other to walk again? Meet Tommy, a disabled boy and Bobo, a lame Chihuahua Tommy who is just a boy cann..

There's nothing more calming than a sleeping Westie.