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    Husky. I can't breathe it's so cute

    puppy Samoyed oh my god it's so fluffy

    I want I want I want, oh my god I want! ❤

    Baby Husky

    When I get my own place I WILL have one of these dogs.. Pomsky [half pomeranian half husky]

    oh my gosh.

    Look at that face....I wonder what he/she is thinking? Some people say we give animals too much know what the real problem is...we don't give them enough credit...

    Somebody Crossed A German Shepherd With A Husky And It's The Most Beautiful Thing Ever

    fluffy Chow Chow baby ✿⊱╮ Adopt rescue or foster to save the lives of dogs! A portion of the proceeds from my book Get Beach Slapped will go to help rescue animals

    Precious puppies & Nordstrom... what more could a girl want?

    Log 6ix™ Dog Breath Freshener Mouth Spray is awesome! SPRAY AND KISS™

    Golden Retriever puppy

    I want a puppy!!

    Husky puppy...precious

    The Schnauzer the best breed in the world in my humble opinion. I lost my baby after 14 years on May 29, 2012. Dogs have unconditional love they treat you better than a lot of humans

    Dear God, please give me to a little boy who can run fast. Also I'm praying for a bone. (And please also don't make me shed so that my mamma will love me even more.) Amen. :)

    cute dogs | i love dogs.. every time i woke up in the morning my one and only juno (which is my dog) always staring at me and makes my whole day bubbly because of him.. :)x

    IN LOVE! australian shepards are adorable!

    :O I want a German Shepard puppy so bad :(((( well just any puppy will do at this point!