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This is for all you people who thought you were helping by telling me I should be able to stop, but did not tell me how to or nothing to help. <3 it's the haters that motivate us the most.

Mental Illnesses & neuro-biochemical disorders we fight & try to control every day. We don't want pity--we ask for moments of understanding & compassion. We use therapy, trial-and-error medication "cocktails, " & every available tool yet suffer days where we are simply overwhelmed by life. ~ kira sunbird

This pin reminds me of how mental health issues develop. We start with a clean slate and then every negative experience (and trauma) piles up, one on top of the other over the years, and then there is hardly anything left of the real us, and our personalities get just as jumbled up (what we call disordered in psychology) because of the level of disorganization (chaos) in our lives. Speak up, protect yourself, seek help, and take time to heal today!!!

(i know i put a lot of suicide ideation on this board - it is not because i am suicidal. but the sentiment resonates with me nonetheless. and it's part of the spectrum of mental illness on which i reside. so.)