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T-Rex, Starwars, Twilight, Charizard, Lord of the Rings, Darth Maul, Obama, Lion King, unicorns, Arrested Development... It's all there, hand drawn by these guys: http://www.goodietwosleeves.com

Repost ... but I thought you would like it !

This Guy Is Known For Taking Crazy Drawing Requests. He Delivers In The Most Amazing Ways Possible this is awesome. just awesome.

Dear God,    Why did you make Alabama have such crazy weather?    Josh    P.S. Get rid of Winter and make it Summertime all year long. I need to go swimming!

Dear God letters from kids. My fav: Dear God thank you for the baby brother but I prayed for a puppy. They are all so sweet and funny :)

I wish my economy teacher teached me this way - This Guy Just Explained Marketing Perfectly. This Is So True It Hurts.

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