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Zoomshot: Beowulf Illustration: the witch is going to rage about the death of her son #ende_illustration #illustration #ende #tale #nataliedombois #beowulf #witch #grendl #fantasy #art #artwork #artist #digitalart #monster #nordic #monochrome by ende_illustration

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This is a digital drawing of Beowulf holding the severed head of Grendel after he defeated Grendel's mother. As one can tell, Beowulf looks to be "more than human". He is extremely fit and powerful and has this almost godlike aura about him.

Grendel. In the medieval epic Beowulf, the monstrous Grendel can be seen as the physical embodiment and culmination of specific medieval fears. He is physically other, is believed to be hated and abandoned by God, engages in ruthless displays of cannibalism, cannot be slain by normal weaponry, and dwells on the borders of the civilized Danish world.