Shalom Harlow by Craig McDean for Jil Sander, SS 1995

Revisiting Shalom Harlow’s legendary career

girlannachronism: “ Shalom Harlow by Craig McDean for Jil Sander spring 1995 ”

Rag Pony: Jil Sander 1996 feat Guinevere van Seenus Craig McDean

Guinevere van Seenus photographed by Craig McDean for the Jil Sander Spring 1996 advertising campaign. - book title page idea

Jil Sander: the godmother of #CORPORATECASUAL and the queen of elegant minimalism. 90's Jil Sander ads emobdied clean chic, continuing into the new millenium under Raf Simons. With McDeans, Knights, and Vanderperres behind the camera and Lindas, Ambers, and Laras in front of it, how could the results prove anything less than iconic?

Campaign: Jil Sander Season: Fall 1999 Photographer: Unknown Model(s): Malgosia Bela

Du Bis† Sehr Schön

Campaign: Jil Sander Season: Spring 1995 Photographer: Craig McDean Model(s)…