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diy cloche...made with pedestal, jar, and knob.....

different variation of a pedestal. it is more like a bowl with a lid. good for cookies or other stackable items

my mom has a cool antique jar with old buttons... i've been saving my buttons; need to find a glass container i like :)

super-sweet white pillow, very embellished, pink roses and ribbon and needlework, shabby chic, vintage, cottage bed

more of the gorgeous dormer room crafting space

Dried roses in a pretty glass jar with lid. Great way to preserve and display meaningful flowers

Bell Jar, From the Collection of Ryan Cohn,as a child I was both repelled and attracted to these,not much has changed.

again with the preference for coordination vs. matching. This particular set is far more my mom's style but it's a great template for my own colors.