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Prof Sunetra Gupta (Oxford) is Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford. She studies the evolution of diversity in infectious disease systems, and has received the Scientific Medal from the Zoological Society of London and the Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award for her research. Sunetra graduated from Princeton University in 1987 and obtained a PhD from Imperial College in 1992.

John Obadiah Westwood (22 December 1805 – 2 January 1893) was an English entomologist and archaeologist also noted for his artistic talents. He became a curator and later professor at Oxford University. Westwood was a Fellow of the Linnean Society and president of the Entomological Society of London (1852–1853).

14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People

23-year-old Stephen Hawking on his wedding day to Jane Wilde, 1965. This was just two years after his diagnosis with ALS. He was told he'd be bedridden soon and dead within a few years, but he is still alive 50 years later.

(1861 - 1954) Vida Scudder taught English Lit at Wellesley College. Born in India, she was the daughter of Congregationalist missionaries. She wrote "My Quest for Reality" as a memoir of her faith journey. She was one of the first women to study at Oxford University. An advocate of Christian communalism, she "joined the society of the Companions of the Holy Cross, a new monastic order for Anglican women." (Bass, 3302 - 3315)

Raleigh was an adventurer, courtier to Elizabeth I, navigator, author and poet.M Walter Raleigh (also spelled Ralegh) was born into a well-connected gentry family at Hayes Barton in Devon in around 1552. He attended Oxford University for a time, fought with the Huguenots in France and later studied law in London.

Edwin Hubble, astronomer From: United States Studied: Earned master’s degree in Spanish as a Rhodes Scholar at Queen’s College, Oxford (United Kingdom) From Sarah McNitt Website, Famous people who studied abroad

Vanderbilt was the youngest child of Seward and Lila Webb. He attended Yale, Oxford, and Harvard Law School. In 1912, he married Aileen Osborn, and they had five children, including Derick Webb. Vanderbilt pursued a law career, both in private practice and as special counsel to the Rockefeller Foundation. He also served briefly as a Captain in the American Expeditionary Force during World War I.

Margaret Benson (16 June 1865 – May 1916) was an English author and amateur Egyptologist. Margaret was one of the first women to be admitted to Oxford University, where she attended Lady Margaret Hall. She was the first woman to be granted a concession to excavate in Egypt Lover: Janet "nettie" Gourlay (1863 – 1912)

Sketch from 1 January 1810, 'Dreamy Shelley'. by Unknown artist. He was 18, In April of this year he matriculated at University College Oxford. According to reports he attended only one lecture while at Oxford but read 16 hours a day. This was also the year his first novel was published 'Zastrozzi'. This is where he first wrote of his atheistic leanings.

"John Wesley" by Nathaniel Hone (1766) at the National Portrait Gallery, London - From the curators' comments: "Wesley was the founder of the Methodist movement which grew from the 'Holy Club' of his Oxford friends into a great religious revival. An indefatigable traveller, preacher and writer, Wesley averaged 8,000 miles a year on horseback and gave 15 sermons a week." His itinerant style of preaching allowed him to access people who did not normally attend church services (ex. the rural…