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Colorful tree! Use crayons and hair drier to melt the crayons and make them splatter to make the leaves! Use one crayon at a time and hold them over the canvas.

I love this blogger's attitude, she says "More than anything, I'm trying to show my kids that there isn't one "right way." '

Tree art - how cool is that? You could lay down masking tape, paint a background with water colors and then add branches.

These are beautiful!!! Students used 9 x 24" colored paper and three colors of tempera paint to make their backgrounds. We used mat board to spread the paint. I did have some metallic and neon paint that they used as well. They got to choose 3 colors and sprinkle the paint on the background before "pulling" the paint, making sure not to mix all the colors together.

By Ank. Apply drops of reinker to wet watercolor paper. Then flick a wet toothbrush all over the piece until you like the look. Dry completely. Use black StazOn for the silhouette stamps: tree branch, flowers, butterflies.