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Chris Illman....I'm going to sneak up on that mouse!

13 Ways to help you get through a bad day! And this one oddly enough reminds me of yesterday.

Science recently discovered that when cats drink, they pretty much defy gravity. The tongue barely brushes the surface of a liquid before darting quickly back up, forming a column of water between the moving tongue and the surface of the liquid. Then the cat's jaws snap closed around this column of water, and the cat swallows it. Boom -- a refreshing drink, feline-style.

so pretty! Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding! www.secondhopecir... #specialneedspetsrock #rescuedpets #ontario

so cute just the way I like my kitties

The cat KNOWS how badly you need the laptop: and when you finally get the laptop will need to pee and this starts the cycle all over again.

I can't stop laughing. (Actually, we do this with our cats a lot in the winter. They love it. We call it "playing choo choo")

DSC_0725.jpg by zinchik, via Flickr

"Ahhh. My People were so nice to get me this compact human to use as my new seat warmer."

♂ Who are you? (cat look at its reflection animal humor)