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18 Most Common Gardening Questions Answered

a circle of bricks and stone around a large container plant of flowers

Physostegia virginiana - Known as the obedient plant! Missouri native - Blooms June to September - Full sun perennial - Opposite, pinkish flowers in a spike-like cluster along upper part of a square stem. Dense spikes of pinkish, tubular, two-lipped, snapdragon-like flowers. Individual flowers will temporarily remain in a new position.

Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa) Missouri native - Astilbe-like, deeply cut, tripinnate foliage is an attractive deep green. Small numerous, creamy white, fragrant flowers in long, terminal racemes resembling fluffy spires. Slow to establish. Part shade to full shade - Blooms June to July.

Spider Flower, Cleome hassleriana-Annual, Blooms June to frost, Full sun to part shade, Dense elongated terminal racemes of pink, purple, or white spider-like flowers with protruding stamens. Reseeds vigorously, sometimes becoming a nuisance. May want to prevent pods from emptying by clipping. Flowers are followed by thin seed pods that ripen to brown before splitting open and dispersing the tiny little seeds within.

Flowering Dogwood (cornus florida) is a small, flowering tree noted for its spectacular show of blooms in spring. Green foliage turns scarlet in fall. Missouri State Tree. Each flower cluster is surrounded by 4 showy, white petal-like bracts which open flat, giving the appearance of a single, large 3-4" diameter, four-petaled flower.

Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana) - pansy cultivar - annual; Blooms April to June, Cool season plant not harmed by frost; flowers have 5 petals, Full sun to part shade - Susceptible to fungal leaf disease. Watch for slugs. Prefers humusy, consistently moist, well-drained soils.

Calibrachoa-'Million Bells". Annual, Blooms June to frost, Full sun;compact, mounded plants which grow 3-9" tall on mostly trailing stems; needs no deadheading, grows and flowers at an amazing rate

Catharanthus roseus- Vinca -Annual -tubular flowers have five flattened petal-like lobes. Do not plant too early in spring or plants may not thrive due to cold, wet soils' wait until summer. Blooms June to frost. Full sun to part shade

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Downy Skullcap (Scutellaria incana) shade tolerant Missouri native- Small, two-lipped, purplish blue flowers (typical mint family) appear in loose racemes. Square stems are hoary (covered with minute white hairs), hence the sometime common name of skullcap. Bloom time - July to September -Full sun to partial shade.

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) - Dainty white, bell-shaped flowers on racemes which are very sweet smelling. Spreads aggressively by rhizomes. Excellent ground cover and can be grown under trees in shade. Blooms in April. Part shade to full shade.

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