herbs in vintage half barrels.this is going to be my project when i have the space! from rosalind creasy's edible landscaping. it looks fairly straight-forward but requires a lot of prep for the middle barrel

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

I love this idea---- Herb Garden Idea - short of space? These fragrant herbs have been planted in between pavers as a mini kitchen garden between the house and and pool. Edible ground cover is a great space-saving idea + softens hard landscaping.

Martha stewart how to build a tower of herbs for your garden.. I used different planters for my garden theme

Grow Some Herbs Don't miss out on fresh herbs (or pay a lot for them at the market) just because you don't have a big yard. Situate this compact herb garden in a sunny spot near the kitchen door for easy snipping. Tower of Herbs How-To

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Galvanized Metal Tubs, Buckets, & Pails as Planters

Love the galvanized planters would just need to find them on a smaller scale!Driven By Décor: Galvanized Metal Tubs, Buckets, & Pails as Planters

Line a basket with a black trash bag, fill with potting soil, cut drainage holes in the trash bag (tip basket, insert knife, poke holes), plant -Note basket will rot out from water in about a year.  Putting the basket on blocks (see picture)  to let air flow underneath keeps it drier.

NUTRITION-Healing herbs Growing your own medicine - this lady gives tons of info on medicinal herbs! Which ones, what they're good for, how to grow and how to prepare them - what a score

The 10 Best & Easiest to Grow Herbs    The Gardenist

Top 10 Best & Easiest Herbs to Grow in Your Garden (And How to Use Them)

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Use an old wooden ladder to divide up planting space in your garden. Smart and stylish! I did this for my herb garden. Just picked up an old extension ladder from someones trash pile on the curb (I asked first!), the put it in the garden.

Good to Plant Herbs

Terra-cotta pot tower … a good idea for an herb garden … takes very little space