Roman Armour from Ben Hur

Royal Guard interlocking torso armor of hand-hammered metal and crimson suede from Ben-Hur

Bartolomeo Campi, Italian, died 1573, Roman-Style Armor Given to Philip II, Pesaro, 1546, embossed and gold- and silver-damascened steel; brass and fabric, Patrimonio Nacional, Real Armería, Madrid,

A Tribune's leather armour from "Ben Hur" and "Fall of the Roman Empire".

Roman Armor

A Roman Soldier

Stephen Boyd elaborate ceremonial metal armor and leather tunic and short sword from Ben-Hur

Roman Armor bronze

roman centurion in segmentata armor © CollaborationJS / Arcangel Images

because everyone needs a suit of armor

Full set of aged Roman armour from the movie "Spartacus, blood and sand".

"Sode", protección de armadura para el hombro

roman armor - brown leather

Roman Armor leather with skirt

Roman soldier crossing a river

Silvered Roman parade helmet, 1st century CE (reconstruction)

Roman Army equipment - Google Search

Roman Centurion 1st-2nd c. A.D.

Roman soldiers

Roman Legionnaire Armor

Winged armor of a Polish Hussar.