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Royal Guard interlocking torso armor of hand-hammered metal and crimson suede from Ben-Hur

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Robert the Bruce and King Edward II brought back to life with help of 3D Hollywood technology at new £9m Bannockburn centre

King Richard the Lionheart's armor. King Richard I (1157 – 1199) ruled England 1189 - 'til his death in 1199.

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Design Toscano 16th Century Italian Armor with Halberd Statue

because everyone needs a suit of armor

roman centurion | Real Roman Armor - New Vegas Mod Requests - The Nexus Forums

Gladiator, actually many Roman became a part of medevil history many were Romans, during the movement into England, Scotland. Many stayed there during the decline of the Roman Empire and became Scots.

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The 'Hallaton Helmet' a 2,000-year-old Roman helmet found at an old Iron Age site at Hallaton in Leciestershire in 2002 is to go on display at the Harborough Museum. The helm is made from sheet iron and still has it's silver gilt plating intact -- the first one found in the UK in this condition. Helm shows Roman military victory scenes, including an Emperor on horseback, trampling someone under his hooves.

Chinese armor (Tang Dynasty). From the Chinese movie "Ye yan" (2006), also known as "The Banquet" or "Legend of the Black Scorpion".

Spectacular Mongolian armor, although I don't know enough about Mongolian Culture to event identify the time period...could be adapted for SCA use easily (I think).