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A gecko licks the morning dew off its eyeballs. This gecko is found on coastal sand dunes in Namibia. Photographer Isak Pretorius

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Community Post: The 25 Happiest Animals In The World


Pictures of the day: 4 March 2013

Happy Lizzy. A web-footed gecko licks its eyeball in the Namib desert of Namibia. The elusive reptile spends most of the day buried in the sand, and uses its long tongue to both clean its eyes of dust and drink the moisture which collects on its eyes when the morning mist rolls in from the sea.Picture: Martin Harvey / Barcroft Media


Animal photos of the week: 30 January 2015

~~Three Reinwardt's flying frogs, commonly known as the black webbed tree frog or the green flying frog, pose for the camera | Hendy MP/Solent~~

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A gecko appears to be dancing in one of several pictures taken by Indonesian photographer Shikhei Goh Taken.