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Do It Yourself Costume Ideas

Let’s talk about frugal, do-it-yourself costumes. I was able to find a ton on Pinterest! Here are a few of my favorites: Who can resist a big bowl of spaghetti with meatballs? Not me! (from Comics for Nerds) This one from Nerd Nirvana might be a bit over-the-top for your church fall festival but it ...
  • Jon O'Dowd

    11 Funny Couples Costumes [Pictures] - Couples Costume Ideas WE NEED TO BE THIS FOR HALLOWEEN. ok who are these Boobs... oh oh oh!

  • Meagan Oliver

    Funny Halloween idea.

  • Elyshia Thomasson

    11 Funny Couples Costumes [Pictures] - Couples Costume Ideas WE NEED TO BE THIS FOR HALLOWEEN. @Victoria Brown Brown Brown Gallant #halloween #halloweendecorations #costumes #halloweencostumes #pumkpins #halloweencandy

  • Halloween Costume Ideas

    Big Breasts Couples Costume Idea #Funny Couple Halloween Costume Ideas #Halloween #Costumes #Couples

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It makes me sad that by the time I have children, they may not even recognize this movie anymore :/

OMG! @Amy Eardley this is maximus prime's halloween costume for when he's 2 or 3... :) lol

ALSO who says u can't be Iron man and a Princess at the same time?!?!?! NOBODY!!

Great DIY masks / costumes-- Not quite relevant YET, but I can see us doing something crazy with these characters-- like a happy brigade or "celebots" I don't know. They're really just funny.

Squirrel got its head stuck in a Halloween decoration and terrified a neighborhood...ahahahahahaha

Best last-minute Halloween costume ever…

Remember Bob Ross painting masterpieces in half an hour minus commercial time?!!!! Amazing wonderful man, do you remember the little squirrel he saved and brought to work in his pocket? “Happy little bushes! . . . “Trees cover up a multitude of sins.” . . .”Clouds are very, very free!”

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