Replace broken iphone screen for a low cost alternative to the pricey high cell providers.

Keep this in mind if you start seeing lots of spiders around your place. Natural spider killer or preventer... take one cup of vingar, one cup of pepper, a teaspoon of oil and liquid soap. Put it into a spray bottle and spray along the outside of your outside door and along windows

Good to know! How to make symbols ¢☂¿☀♥☮☆♛♬✂☯ and more using your ALT button., this is soo cool! - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

1 c vinegar + 1 c hot water + 10 min microwave = steam clean! Quick and easy cleaning :) ! Trying this tomorrow!

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet: Fold the four corners into one another. Two will fold inside out. Lay it out flat and fold the rounded corners into the flat part of the sheet. Still takes practice to master.

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