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    • Michelle Lehman

      Raising rabbits over the compost pile. Warmth for the bunnies. Easy access for the gardener to fabulous compost.

    • Myrtle Miller

      Rabbit hutch over the compost bins: automatic feeding of compost pile, and warmth from the composting for the bunnies!

    • Nickolas Mckillips

      Beach house (on Cool and the Bang)

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    LaMancha goats - good creamy milk producer with relatively high butterfat content. Can come in any color and are considered more docile and easier milkers than other goats. Have very distinct small/non-existant ears

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    One of the most common deterrents to owning a family dairy cow (or goat) on the homestead is the notion that you'll be tied down twice a day milking, but is that really true? Here's how to milk a cow AND still have a life!

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    Electric Fence Charger- put it inside a plastic rubber-maid container to protect it from the elements

    Insulated, Solar Horse Watering Tank. The engineer in me cannot resist making this someday!

    We raise our own grass fed beef, but I'm interested in a dairy animal. Here's a great look at what's involved.

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