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Get targeted hot or cold therapy to help relieve pain right where you need it with the TheraPearl Hot / Cold Sports Pack

Yoga stretch to be done every day to improve your posture. A very good way to stay looking and feeling young.

Glamorise Double Sport Bra

Have you received an ankle injury due to running? Follow the R.I.C.E. therapy method the next time you have ankle pain. The R.I.C.E. therapy method is as follows: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Did you know that a sprained ankle is the most common sports injury?

Years of running might be one of the causes of your heel pain. Need relief? Find out how you can help relieve heel pain in 6 smart ways, like wearing a night splint that stretches the foot or wearing shoes with improved support.

Zensah Ankle Support. Smarts: Increases circulation, reliefs swelling and pain. FootSmart.com

Saucony Women’s Omni 12 Running Shoes pack plenty of support and stability for overpronators. This athletic shoe is the ultimate choice for runners or walkers who need moderate-to-high stability.

And lastly, know when it’s time to throw away the products in your makeup bag. | 17 Genius Tricks To Clean Everything In Your Makeup Bag

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FootSmart Gel Toe Cap, LARGE TOE by FootSmart. $5.99. Cap toe pain once and for all! Corns on the tip of your toes, hammertoes, deformed nails, ingrown toenails ?Çö don't let foot pain slow you down. Slip on a Toe Cap foot care product to relieve pain. Large cap for big toe, small for all other toes.


Help take care of your running feet with these five easy tips. #running

I'm pro running and anti-"dieting". Obviously make healthy choices with eating but I believe you can have that cake and ice cream, just put in some work. There is always time, being healthy and losing weight should not be "easy". Love this chart... Diets can't do all this...



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Top 15 reasons to run from Women's Running Magazine!

And seek out help from a professional if you think you need it. | 35 Easy Ways To Feel Like You Have Your Shit Together After College