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Choosing the Perfect Running Shoe - Advice from a Boston Marathon Winner.

Picking the perfect running shoes.

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Choose, Lace, and Replace Your Running Shoes Based on How You Run

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The goal for buying shoes when you have diabetes is simple: Buy shoes that don’t harm your feet. Some items to look for in a diabetic shoe include: buying the right size, use the shape of your foot as a guide, give toes wiggle room, pick pairs you can adjust, select covered heels and covered toes, and look for the American Podiatric Seal of Acceptance/Approval.

Do you know what biomechanical shoes are? Some common features include balance, arch support, shock absorption, diffusion of foot pressure, promotion of body alignment, guidance for the feet and toes, custom like cushioning and heel stability.

Wherever you are, you’ve got access to stairs—and at least five minutes for this super fast, ultra convenient workout. With our new Beyond the Scale program, we help you discover fun and easy ways to get in the game with activities that fit your life, no matter what level you’re at.

Who knew your toes needed a workout? Painful, stiff toes are no joke, and exercising to keep them flexible and feeling good isn’t, either. Whether you’re a power walker, a weekend dancer or just an everyday shoe wearer, your toes will thank you for taking time to give them a tone up.

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Lacing Your Running Shoes for Fit and Function

Are you feeling foot discomfort due to your shoes? Try a different lacing pattern!

When it comes to shoes and plantar fasciitis, the trick is to be able to identify both the shoes that are part of the cause and the shoes that can help.

Wondering how much time it should take for your feet and new shoes to get along? The short answer is none. Read more on the FootSmart blog here.

Imgend. You MUST have gorgeous feet for these amazing sandals (or any strappy footwear) so ladies get working on those feet!!!