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Tips to bounce back after a day on your feet

Happy feet help your whole body! Share your secret to keeping pretty feet! Read our 10 tips for happy feet.

Did you know as we age our feet get wider and longer? Read more on how to treat your feet for all ages on our FootSmart blog

When your feet hurt, you feel it all over. But there’s so much you can do to avoid the pain or help relieve it. Start with these 10 tips to feel better on your feet.

If you have pain when walking, leg cramping, numbness or tingling in your feet or toes, you may have poor circulation. Read some tips on how to help your circulation on our FootSmart blog.

Taking the time to care for your feet pays off when you have diabetes. Foot care can greatly reduce your risk for diabetic neuropothy, injuries and foot problems like athlete’s foot that can lead to hard-to-heal infections.

Follow these simple exercise tips to help ease the pain of plantar fasciitis.

What's wrong with the shoes I have? Expert tips for making your shoes more comfortable.

Here’s a rule of thumb for wearing animal-prints: stick to a solid-color outfit & limit yourself to one animal-print item per outfit. Find 5 more tips on our FootSmart blog.

Replacing the insoles of your shoes is like having the oil changed in your car. #insoles

Tips to make your shoes more comfortable.

To keep your feet up for the daily challenges of your life, you need to keep them fit. You don’t have to hit the gym for this workout, just a few simple exercises can help keep your feet flexible and strong.

Back Pain? Check your feet!

Exercises to help with overpronation (rolling in on flat feet)

Best walking shoes. Use this easy test to determine your foot type so you can pick the best shoes for your feet.

Overpronation Foot Problems: How to Fix Flat Feet - What is Overpronation? What Causes Overpronation? How do I Correct Overpronation / Flat Feet?

Find your insole! Determine which insole is right for you. Learn more about Arch type, Foot type, Orthotics, and the Wet Test.

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