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Help strengthen your feet with these simple big toe curls that you can do at home. Flex your big toe to help improve your walking, running and jumping. 1. Wrap a shoelace around the bottom of your big toe. Grab the ends of the shoelace with your hands. 2. Pull your big toe up off the ground and toward the knee as high as you comfortably can. #FootHealth

Simple heel raises to help strengthen your feet and the muscles around your ankles. 1. Place the balls of your feet (with toes pointing straight) on a wood block, step or large book. 2. Allow your heels to slowly drop down and maintain this position for five seconds. 3. Raise your heels as high as you can and maintain this position for three seconds. Repeat, only with the toes pointed inward toward each other, then with the toes pointed outward and away from each other. #Foothealth

Stay on your toes this month (pun intended) with facts and tips about foot health, plantar fasciitis, corns, calluses, Morton's neuroma, pain in your arches and heels and other foot problems. Find out how to take care of your feet from heel to toe. #FootHealthAwareness

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This foot exercise is called the toe spread. Rest the heels on the floor, curl the toes tight, then lift and spread the toes apart as far as they will go. Hold this position for a count of 10 seconds and repeat three times, twice daily for stronger feet.

Although 75% of people experience a foot problem during their life, most do not get medical help until the problem becomes severe. Get information on plantar fasciitis, toe pain, dry skin and other conditions to learn more about foot health.

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