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Should you be going on more walks? Calculate your steps each day with a pedometer to see where you stand. Everyday walks and walking activities are great workouts to help improve health and fitness.#FitFluential #Walking

Try walking barefoot on only your heels for 20 steps. Repeat this for three sets to help strengthen your feet. #walking #barefoot #heel #exercise

Help strengthen your feet with these simple big toe curls that you can do at home. Flex your big toe to help improve your walking, running and jumping. 1. Wrap a shoelace around the bottom of your big toe. Grab the ends of the shoelace with your hands. 2. Pull your big toe up off the ground and toward the knee as high as you comfortably can. #FootHealth

Back Pain? Check your feet! Fab infographic to explain how orthotics & physio combined can help you. Check out our Gaitscan custom made orthotics at goPhysio.

Say no to toe woes! Help relieve the foot pain of bunions, overlapping toes and hammertoes. Our Expert Essentials products offer relief and help enhance foot health.

Challenge yourself to pick up 20 marbles off the floor with your toes and place each marble individually into a container. Repeat this simple exercise daily to help strengthen your feet. #Foothealth

Schedule regular checkups with your podiatrist to keep your feet in good health. From your heels to your toes, your feet can affect your legs and back. Learn more about foot health and find out how cushioned, supportive shoes can help.

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7 Natural Solutions for Healing a Heel Spur

Heel spur causes - Dr. Axe #health #Holistic #natural

This foot exercise is called the toe spread. Rest the heels on the floor, curl the toes tight, then lift and spread the toes apart as far as they will go. Hold this position for a count of 10 seconds and repeat three times, twice daily for stronger feet.

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Dr Oz: What Causes Cold Feet? Bare Toes + Diabetes Foot Sensation Test

What causes cold feet? You might be shocked at the health lessons your feet can teach you, if you pay attention to them. Use Dr Oz’s foot sensation test.

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7 Things Your Nails Can Tell You

checking your fingernails for the following abnormalities can help you spot early warning signs, so wipe off that polish and take a glance.

According to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment, a full 78% of adults report having experienced foot pain at some time in their lives. How much

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3 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain for Good

El padecer de espolon calcaneo puede causar dolor al caminar, que puede ser confundida con el dolor asociado con la fascitis plantar, la cual es una condición caracterizada por la inflamación de la fascia plantar

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Poor Circulation in Feet

#Poor #Circulation in #Feet can cause various health problems, to prevent these problems use 'Kenkoh' shoes, visit to buy a pair of shoes.

Fingernails and your health: Your fingernails can provide clues to your overall health — but do you know how to read the signs? Check out photos of seven nail conditions that warrant medical attention.

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WOULD YOU TRY THIS? Amazing Natural Wart Treatment

Natural Plantars Wart Remedy. You won't believe this!