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      It may be time to replace your insoles. It’s best to change your insoles every 500 miles, or 6-9 months. Learn how to choose the best shoe inserts in our quick video, whether you have a high arch or need a flat foot design.

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    Try three 30-second stretches you can do at home to work wonders on easing heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. The SmartFlexx stretcher can also help relive sore calves and aching arches, great for walkers and runners.

    Embarrassed by discolored nails? Fake it! Check out our tutorial to create an illusion with the Nail Creations Appealing While Healing Set. These strips are essentials for sandal season—take them when you travel on your next beach vacation.

    Silipos Achilles Heel Pad, Each (

    Have you received an ankle injury due to running? Follow the R.I.C.E. therapy method the next time you have ankle pain. The R.I.C.E. therapy method is as follows: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

    Beat cold feet with over 70 products at FootSmart such as thick socks, hot/cold therapies, massagers, foot baths and more.

    If your toenails tend to crack down the middle, be sure to keep your toenails trimmed neatly, wear shoes with roomy toe boxes that don't add pressure, avoid picking at cracked areas, clean your feet in lukewarm water, and use toe protector tubes.

    Still searching for your sole mate? Shop our top picks for shoes that deliver comfort without compromising on fun and fashion.

    It's the perfect time to give your feet some extra love. Kick off your shoes and try our nailcare products for a fun DIY pedicure at home. Plus, you'll find more foot health solutions to keep your feet happy.

    Your high heels might be one of the causes of your heel pain. Need relief? Find out how you can help relieve heel pain in 6 smart ways, like wearing a night splint that stretches the foot or wearing shoes with improved support.

    Do you know what biomechanical shoes are? Some common features include balance, arch support, shock absorption, diffusion of foot pressure, promotion of body alignment, guidance for the feet and toes, custom like cushioning and heel stability.

    Match the right foot aid with your needs. Find foot solutions if you need relief from arch pain, relief from heel pain, less rubbing of your feet, or extra cushioning.

    The goal for buying shoes when you have diabetes is simple: Buy shoes that don’t harm your feet. Special considerations include: choosing the right size, using the shape of your foot as a guide, giving toes wiggle room, picking pairs you can adjust, selecting covered heels and covered toes and looking for the American Podiatric Seal of Acceptance/Approval.

    Anatomy of a Diabetic Sock: non-binding, cushioned and seam-free. If you have diabetes, the right socks can be one of your best protectors from painful foot problems, like those associated with diabetic neuropathy (nerve damage). Learn what to look for when you stock up on socks.

    Did you know? There's a close relationship between your feet and diabetes. Get tips for taking care of diabetic feet and toes and shop diabetic products, including shoes and socks, at

    Try our podiatrist-recommended system that helps relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis, 24 hours a day. Simple exercises, stretches and support can work together to offer relief. #plantarfasciitis #heelpain

    Try this simple towel curl exercise to strengthen your feet. Curling your toes on the edge of a towel, scrunch the towel toward your body. This may be difficult at first, but with practice it will become much easier. When it does, place small weights on the towel to increase the resistance. #Exercise #FootHealth

    This foot exercise is called the toe spread. Rest the heels on the floor, curl the toes tight, then lift and spread the toes apart as far as they will go. Hold this position for a count of 10 seconds and repeat three times, twice daily for stronger feet.

    Challenge yourself to pick up 20 marbles off the floor with your toes and place each marble individually into a container. Repeat this simple exercise daily to help strengthen your feet. #Foothealth

    Try walking barefoot on only your heels for 20 steps. Repeat this for three sets to help strengthen your feet. #walking #barefoot #heel #exercise

    Simple heel raises to help strengthen your feet and the muscles around your ankles. 1. Place the balls of your feet (with toes pointing straight) on a wood block, step or large book. 2. Allow your heels to slowly drop down and maintain this position for five seconds. 3. Raise your heels as high as you can and maintain this position for three seconds. Repeat, only with the toes pointed inward toward each other, then with the toes pointed outward and away from each other. #Foothealth

    Help strengthen your feet with these simple big toe curls that you can do at home. Flex your big toe to help improve your walking, running and jumping. 1. Wrap a shoelace around the bottom of your big toe. Grab the ends of the shoelace with your hands. 2. Pull your big toe up off the ground and toward the knee as high as you comfortably can. #FootHealth

    We have what you need for heel and plantar fasciitis pain relief. Shop our large selection of foot and arch supports, heel cushions, night splints and more.

    Did you know that choosing a shoe lacing pattern based on your arch type can improve your fit and make you more comfortable? Try these shoe lacing patterns based on your arch type.

    See how Propét Rejuve casual shoes and sandals for men and women can help position your foot to prevent overpronation.

    Rejuvenate your feet with proper alignment in Propét Rejuve. You'll find great casual shoes and sandals for men and women.