It may be time to replace your insoles. It’s best to change your insoles every 500 miles, or 6-9 months. Learn how to choose the best shoe inserts in our quick video, whether you have a high arch or need a flat foot design.

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High Heel Hazards. Those high heels may look good but they can cause many different kind of health issues; foot pain, leg pain, back pain and more.

Pedifix Arch Bandage (Pack of 2) by Pedifix. $10.55. Arch Bandage supports fallen arches and flat feet and eases related toe, ball-of-foot and heel pain. It is helpful for bunions, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. This soft, elastic bandage gently squeezes the arch to provide support and extra stability to sore and tired feet. Makes shoes more comfortable. Washable, reusable and effective for months.

Home foot massage chart -- I Need a foot massage!

choosing the correct running shoe for your foot is key. I've gotten shin splints from running in improper [for me] running shoes before.

High Heels

Plantar Fasciitis Stretches, I liked the focus on the foot in these images, more hlepful than most of the full-length shots that you can't tell what they really want you to do with your foot

Very simple KT Tape app to help anyone suffering from foot arch or inner ankle pain For Grace

Best Running Shoes for High Arches – How To Choose

Stretching and Strengthening Exercises for Iliotibial Band Syndrome | Runner's World & Running Times

Pinner wrote "Wall V-Stretch Lie on your back with your bottom a few inches from a wall and your arms out. Place your heels on the wall with your legs forming a wide V. You’ll feel a gentle pull in your inner thighs. Overly tight inner-thigh muscles can overload the arches of your feet, so this stretch can relax them when they’re cramped. Plus, elevating the legs reduces swelling"

Struggling with arch pain caused by plantar fasciitis or other conditions? Find foot health solutions that can offer relief at FootSmart. Choose from expertly-selected products that massage and support feet, stretching aids, insoles, wraps, shoes and more.

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Soft Pedi-GEL© cushions and protects to support high or low arches * Helps relieve arch and heel pain and tired aching feet * Self-sticking pads adhere directly to feet or the inside of shoes * Durable washable and reusable * Support fallen weak or high arches * Soothe tired aching feet * Washable & reusable * Self-sticking; stays in place *SKU # P8202 $10.65

The great shoe debate: comfort vs. style. How to choose shoes that are good for the sole.


The Best Walking Shoes For 2014; helps you determine your type of arch, and your walking issues by looking at wear of your shoes, and makes specific recommendations.

Foot reflexology points

Foot Reflexology

Drop foot strengthening exercises.