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Struggling with arch pain caused by plantar fasciitis or other conditions? Find foot health solutions that can offer relief at FootSmart. Choose from expertly-selected products that massage and support feet, stretching aids, insoles, wraps, shoes and more.

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Let's Go to the Tape

For Plantar Fasciitis

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The barefoot gym workout that cures an arch enemy... flat feet

Foot exercise routine steps one and two

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Plantar Fasciitis Release Technique

Plantar Fasciitis Release Technique Massage pressure points that can help with reproductive health.

Easy Exercise for Foot, Arch and Leg Pain from Fallen Arches, Flat Feet, Pronation Fallen arches, flat feet, or Plantar fasciitis can cause pain and discomfort in the legs, feet, ankles, Achilles tendon, hips, and low back. In this video, Ron Vaughn, a sports massage therapist, and Christie Powell, a physical therapist, explain how the feet ...

Plantar Fasciitis tips. This is the most helpful thing I've read... Going to take her advice for sure.

The FS6 Ortho-Sleeve is great for people with plantar fasciitis. The Compression Zone at the Arch keeps your feet supported.


I Suffered With Back Pain For Years Until I Did THIS. I Didn't Even Have To Stand Up!

Relieve Pain In Your LOWER BACK

Foot taping for Plantar Fasciitis 1) Wrap strip of tape around foot, at level of ball of foot. 2) Wrap second strip of tape around heel, starting just below pinky toe, around sides of heel, and back up to first strip of tape. 3) Wrap third strip of tape around heel, starting just below pinky toe, like you did in step 2. This time, circle heel and wrap tape in criss-cross, so that it ends just below big toe. 4) Repeat step 3. Does not need to align perfectly. Can stay in place for one week.

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How To Deal, Heal, And Workout With Plantar Fasciitis

Don't let plantar fasciitis and foot pains set your workouts and goals back! Here's the best ways to treat, heal, and exercise with plantar fasciitis.

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Build Stronger Feet and Ankles

I need this for my stress fracture... Helps You Build Stronger Feet and Ankles | Runners World Running Times

Learn about taping for knee pain support. A fast and effective approach in offering support for the knee area. Assists in reducing swelling, inflammation, while providing support and pain relief. #Health #Sport

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30-Second Foot Pain Fix

The 30-Second Stretch For Foot Pain Relief

If you exercise while battling heel pain, make sure to choose the appropriate sneakers. See which are rated the best for total support and comfort - as per those suffering with plantar fasciitis.