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Explore Thigh Highs, Knee Highs, and more!

Are you on your feet all day? Get relief for tired, aching legs with compression hosiery, including tights, pantyhose, thigh highs and knee highs made with supportive yarns. Watch this quick video before choosing a pair.

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Homemade "No Show" Socks

This is a guide about uses for old pantyhose. Even with a run or snag your panty hose can continue to be useful in many ways.

Fallen arches or flat feet can cause pain in the arches and heels, as well as other foot problems. The good news is FootSmart offers solutions for relief, such as arch supportive shoes and sandals and insoles for flat feet. Check out our tips for easing pain caused by flat feet and let us know what has worked for you.

Did you know? There's a close relationship between your feet and diabetes. Get tips for taking care of diabetic feet and toes and shop diabetic products, including shoes and socks, at

Do you have flat feet or heels that hurt? Watch as Phillip Vasyli at Vionic describes what excess pronation is, its effect on our bodies and how Vionic with Orthaheel Technology can help with support and stability.

Ouch! Runner’s Knee, IT Band Syndrome, and Arthritis of the Knee are painful. Learn about the three most common types of knee pain and symptoms here. Try at-home exercises and stretches and FootSmart products, like a knee brace, to get relief, help prevent pain from worsening and promote recovery.

It may be time to replace your insoles. It’s best to change your insoles every 500 miles, or 6-9 months. Learn how to choose the best shoe inserts in our quick video, whether you have a high arch or need a flat foot design.

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Prevent Blisters When Running or Hiking with Pantyhose Bottoms

Prevent Blisters When Running or Hiking with Pantyhose Bottoms by Adam Dachis, January 31st 2013