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No one wants dry, rough heels while you’re wearing your sandals this summer. Find some easy help for cracked heels here

Studies show… night splints really help for heel pain! Learn how they work here.

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10 Ways To Heal Cracked Feet

Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur Pain Mapping

The goal for buying shoes when you have diabetes is simple: Buy shoes that don’t harm your feet. Some items to look for in a diabetic shoe include: buying the right size, use the shape of your foot as a guide, give toes wiggle room, pick pairs you can adjust, select covered heels and covered toes, and look for the American Podiatric Seal of Acceptance/Approval.

Do you know what biomechanical shoes are? Some common features include balance, arch support, shock absorption, diffusion of foot pressure, promotion of body alignment, guidance for the feet and toes, custom like cushioning and heel stability.

Heel Pain? A Plantar Fasciitis Guide Infographic

Blog post from owner of Calla shoes about how she finds stylish occasion heels suitable for bunions http://callashoes.com/2015/07/27/how-to-find-stylish-shoes-for-bunions/

Foot taping for Plantar Fasciitis 1) Wrap strip of tape around foot, at level of ball of foot. 2) Wrap second strip of tape around heel, starting just below pinky toe, around sides of heel, and back up to first strip of tape. 3) Wrap third strip of tape around heel, starting just below pinky toe, like you did in step 2. This time, circle heel and wrap tape in criss-cross, so that it ends just below big toe. 4) Repeat step 3. Does not need to align perfectly. Can stay in place for one week.

If you exercise while battling heel pain, make sure to choose the appropriate sneakers. See which are rated the best for total support and comfort - as per those suffering with plantar fasciitis. http://www.plantarfasciitisresource.com/best-running-shoes-for-plantar-fasciitis-men-women/

Why are flip flops bad for you? Learn more about what to look for in a sandal this summer season to support your foot and keep your feet healthy.

De term psoriasis is bij veel mensen wel bekend maar wat is dan precies een psoriasisnagel? Hoort dat bij de aandoening psoriasis of is het heel wat a...

Smeer je voeten in met scheerschuim (de goedkoopste). Dompel een handdoekje in een badje van 1/2 warm water en 1/2 listerine (dat mondwater). Wikkel de handdoek om je (met scheerschuim ingesmeerde) voeten. Laat twintig minuten intrekken. Wrijf daarna met diezelfde handdoeken je voeten schoon. Je merkt dat er eelt en andere verharde huid meekomt. Afspoelen. En insmeren.

Finding running shoes for flat feet can be difficult. In general, shoes that offer motion control and extra stability features may be the best options for people with flat feet. Read more helpful tips here.

These five exercises will help you to strengthen and stretch all ten toes, and develop flexible strength from the ground up! | via @SparkPeople #health #wellness #balance

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Shin splints can be debilitating to runners. The good news is they can also be treated and prevented, and do not have to be a chronic issue that keeps you from running. Here are ten tips to help treat and heal shin pain

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