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3/31/2016 Cuban State Media "Negro"Obama"Incited Rebellion and Disorder".The Havana Tribune,a state controlled Cuban Newspaper,has added insult to injury following Fidel Castro's scathing criticism of President Obama upon his departure from the island.The article entitled"Negro,Tu Eres Sueco"which roughly translates to "Black Man,Are you Dumb?" The editorial calls him a negro several times.In Cuba Negros are considered second class citizens,to the government the black person is a thief,a…

Dreams From My Father: Obama in Cuba may help the Castro Brothers,but what about the human rights and freedoms of the every day Cuban citizen?Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco 2016

3/28/2016 Fidel Castro has a message for"Brother Obama":Cuba will not Give Up "Spiritual Wealth"of Communism.The Castro Brothers have been peddling this"Spiritual Wealth"for yrs,as actual wealth exists only among those in the highest levels of power in the Communist Party in Cuba.All others are forced to use an apartheid currency system to buy rationed products while working jobs that pay as little as $20 a month.In 2014,Cuba announced a major raise for the nation's doctors,to $64 a month

Pope Francis plans to meet Fidel Castro on first visit to Cuba

9/15/2015 Pope Francis hopes to meet ailing former Cuban leader Fidel Castro,if he's up to encounter.Pope will 1st hold a more formal meeting with Raul Castro.Pope Francis was credited with playing a key role in the historic rapprochement between Cuba & the U.S.,sending letters to Raul & Obama urging a detente' & hosting secret talks at the Vatican.

Obama dances the tango in Argentina while ignoring calls to come home

3/21/2016 Fidel Castro is out of sight as Obama visits Cuba.President Raúl Castro of Cuba with President Obama in Havana on Monday.