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"After not seeing my dog in 5 months, I skyped with him last night. My mom sent me this after we disconnected." This is the sweetest thing! Bless his heart!: Animals, Dogs, Sweet, Pitbull, Pet, Pit Bull, Puppy, Friend

One thing you will NEVER, EVER forget? Being on a commercial flight, & crew makes announcement it is their HONOR to be a part of escorting a fallen soldier home. They ask after landing, that everyone remain seated while the military escort team deboards. Of course, during this time, the plane is SILENT, except for the sound of the coffin being unloaded from the cargo hold. I DARE you not to cry. Pray for our heros and their families. Thank you.

To the little ones who fight hard battles also. <3 - had to keep the above ^ quote on here...this picture almost makes me sweet and brave <3

USMC Sgt Christopher Jacobs last words to his wife were, "Sweet Dreams and I Love You Guys”. Never forget the cost of freedom. God Bless the Marines the Serve this Great Country and leave behind families that will continue to serve ... God Bless Military Wives!

Deployment :( this makes me cry, so heart breaking. Always thankful for the military men & women who sacrifice a normal life to protect us

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One Single Picture To Remind Us What's Still Going On In Afghanistan

May we Not forget..there is a price for freedom... Can't look at this photo with out tears.

God bless our Military - for the first time in over 6 yrs my soldier is not deployed & will be spending this Thanksgiving with all of his family...we feel so blessed, he's come home safe & can be with us. And we want to pray for, thank & let other soldiers & their families know that we will thank God for them too.

This 4th remember: Freedom isn’t free. Remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to allow you to celebrate. Remember those who keep you free.

This is so sweet! Brings a smile to my lips, a tear to my eyes, and a prayer to my heart for this soldier's safety and quick return.