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Art Lessons- color wheel

Element of art: COLOR grade The ABCs of Art- Black & white printable art materials of a simple color wheel.

What a great color wheel lesson that ends up being a super cool piece of art! Review at beginning of year for sketchbook covers? by Angela Skerman

An exercise in color hunting: go through magazines to find primary, secondary and tertiary colors to collate into a color wheel design.

Making this paper plate color wheel teaches students how to mix the colors they want while learning the basics of color theory.   http://hative.com/creative-color-wheel-project-ideas/

Creative Color Wheel Project Ideas

A color wheel explains how colors relate to each other and which colors will look good together. Nothing teaches you as much about color mixing as creating your own color wheel. Take a look at these Creative Color Wheel Project Ideas.

Elementary Art Unit: Color Theory : Color Wheel for primary grades by justine

Teach and Shoot: Elementary Art Unit: Color Theory : Color Wheel. turn into a fraction lesson with coloring parts of the whole